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fast astronomical radio telescope
name:fast astronomical radio telescope
published:2021-05-19 17:00:47click to rate:
fast astronomical radio telescope is the world's largest radio telescope, which was launched  by china astronomical observatory in,guizhou province, southwest of china. chinese academy of sciences initially considered film capacitor filtering plan. but film capacitor don’t have filter effect  due to partial discharge by itself, besides, high-voltage film capacitor  don’t have guaranteed service life and safety security. therefore, the experts in charge of fast  project finally decided to use high voltage ceramic capacitor instead of film capacitor.

(fast filter audit and acceptance site)

in 2017, amazing participated in the construction of fast project, responsible for the r&d of emi common-mode filters, after half  year’s study and research, amazing team finally broke through various technical difficulties and developed a filter with smaller size and higher performance. successfully replaced high-voltage film capacitor filters with high-voltage ceramic capacitor filters. in the  year 2018, amazing fulfilled the production and installation tasks ahead of contract schedule ,won the honorary title of “fast excellent supplier”

over many years, amazing technology team has cooperated with many domestic and foreign famous enterprises,colleges and universities , like tsinghua university. and has achieved brilliant scientific and technological achievements. we made great breakthroughs in plasma discharge, pulsed high frequency power supply, radar antenna, electrostatic dust removal and other related fields.

(fast filter)

(the honorary title of “fast excellent supplier”)

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