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high voltage switchgear capacitor transformer
name:high voltage switchgear capacitor transformer
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high voltage switchgear capacitor transformer

product description
a capacitor voltage transformer (cvt or ccvt), is a transformer used in power systems to step down extra high voltage signals and provide a low voltage signal, for metering or operating a protective relay.

power consumption small
small size
safe level high voltage protection
high voltage
non-partial discharge
temperature stability

image display

electrical parameter
name: power industry high voltage sensor
dielectric constant: 320
working temperature range: - 50℃~ 125℃
single rated voltage: 12 kv ac
single rated capacity: 15~500 pf
frequency: 50 ~ 120 hz

specification table

model parameter table(monolithic capacitors chip size)

material code capacity rated voltage d(mm) t(mm) pcs/stack
mzs1cvd12kv100p 100pf 12kv 26 14 1
mzs1cvd12kv108p 108pf 12kv 26 14 1
mzs1cvd12kv122p 122pf 12kv 27 14 1
mzs1cvd12kv180p 180pf 12kv 30 14 1
mzs2cvd24kv122p 122pf 24kv 35 28 2
mzs2cvd24kv210p 210pf 24kv 45 28 2
mzs2cvd24kv250p 250pf 24kv 45 28 2
mzs2cvd24kv300p 300pf 24kv 45 28 2
the above dimensions are for reference only! the actual order or agreement shall prevail. welcome for your custom!

other style

application field
widely used in the ring net switch cabinets, voltage transducer, transformer, circuit breaker, coupler, filter, power energy storage, the voltage divider and double or the protection circuit, static high voltage meter, etc.

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