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high frequency high voltage ceramic capacitor
name:high frequency high voltage ceramic capacitor
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high frequency high voltage ceramic capacitor

product description

the difference between lpf series type a and type b

a and b two kinds of appearance of capacitor, the same voltage capacity using the same ceramic chip

the ceramic surface of type a is covering a layer of insulating paint, epoxy potting process

the ceramic chip process of type b is after processing, the surface with a layer of epoxy resin therefore, type a is relatively more light than type b

because type a is no epoxy coating, so the cooling performance is better

because type b is insulation protection, therefore higher stress levels

name: high frequency high power ceramic capacitor
small size
light weight
higher voltage, higher power
good high temperature performance

image display

electrical parameter
ceramic dielectric: rf/pf/sf
temperature range: -50℃~ 125℃
capacitance tolerance: ±10%
temperature coefficient:700(ppm/℃)
dielectric loss:≤8%‰~1‰
pulse test:100 million times charge and discharge life

specification table

material code dielectric material capacity rated voltage rated power dielectric loss d/h
lpf202rf 280 rf 2000pf 50kv 280kva


82*22 87*22 m10
lpf252rf 280 rf 2500pf 40kv 280kva


95*22 112*22 m10
lpf302rf 280 rf 3000pf 30kv 280kva


104*22 115*22 m10
lpf402pc 320 pc 4000pf 30kv 280kva


104*22 115*22 m10
lpf502pc 320 pc 5000pf 30kv 280kva


104*22 115*22 m10
lpf602pc 320 pc 6000pf 30kv 260kva


115*22 125*22 m10
lpf802sf 850 sf 8000pf 20kv 260kva ≤1% 95*22 115*22 m10
lpf103sf 850 sf 10000pf 15kv 260kva ≤1% 104*22 115*22 m10
lpf203sf 850 sf 20000pf 10kv 260kva ≤1% 120*22 130*22 m10

the above dimensions are for reference only! the actual order or agreement shall prevail. welcome for your custom!

other style

application field
if you have selected tables not listed on the product demand, can contact us, this table is for reference only, the actual size shall prevail!

widely used in radar, accelerator, electrostatic dust removal, electronic confrontation, electronic jamming, plasma, electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic coupling, groove road, bypass and feeder circuit, etc. high frequency devices, high-power radio transmission, high frequency welded pipe, high frequency quenching, high frequency heat treatment, high frequency switching power supply, inverter power supply, small power welding machine, intermediate frequency induction furnace, ect.

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