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dc disc ceramic capacitor for laser machine
name:dc disc ceramic capacitor for laser machine
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dc disc ceramic capacitor for laser machine

product description
high-voltage ceramic capacitors are ceramic materials as a circular disc capacitor, with high dc voltage wear characteristics, suitable for high-voltage bypass and coupling circuit, one of the low-loss high-pressure wafer with lower dielectric loss, especially suitable for tv receiver and scanning circuit.

epoxy resin coating dc voltage disc ceramic capacitor
low dissipation
long life
high withstand voltage
electrostatic capacity is stable, high crushing strength
small size, high withstand voltage
low dielectric loss, good frequency characteristic
high current, voltage characteristic is good
electrostatic capacity is stable, high crushing strength and the low loss
epoxy resin coating or potting, good moisture resistance and flame retardant

image display

electrical parameter
rated voltage: 10kv dc ~ 50 kv dc
dielectric loss: d ≤ 0.2%,(1khz)
capacity: 100 ~ 10000 pf
high frequency : ≥ 100 khz
high current: ≥ 50 ma
the minimum insulation resistance: 100000 mω
long life: ≥10 years
pulse test:100 million times charge and discharge life

specification table

other style

application field

applied to high voltage bypass and coupling circuit, x-ray machine, ct machine equipment, instruments and meters, detection equipment, ignition coil, high-voltage generator, transformer, igniter, power equipment, pressure booster times module, welding machine, electrostatic spraying equipment electrical home appliances, small appliances, machinery, electricity, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, air purifier, medical equipment, etc.

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