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high temperature electronic doorknob capacitor
name:high temperature electronic doorknob capacitor
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high temperature electronic doorknob capacitor

product description
in high voltage ceramic capacitors application field, requiring a small, high voltage and high frequency characteristics. with the progress of materials, electrodes and manufacturing technology, great progress has been made in the development of high-voltage ceramic capacitors, and has been widely used. high-voltage ceramic capacitors have become an indispensable component of high-power high-voltage electronic products.

name: doorknob style high voltage ceramic capacitor
appearance of small size
relative to other material more portable and reliable
rapid pulse charge and discharge performance
capacity with low temperature gradient
under high or low temperature applications
different shapes can be customized

image display

electrical parameter
dielectric constant: 320
test voltage: 2 times the nominal voltage rating
temperature: in-50℃~ 125℃ temperature range, volume change rate is less than 3%
lighting shock test: 80kv and lightning socks without exception
pulse life test: under the rated voltage 1khz rapid pulse repetition frequency (prf) battery life not less than 10 million times.
specification table
material code rated voltage capacitance lightning impluse tolerance d(mm) t(mm) h(mm) m(mm)
mzs30pc50kv50p 50kv 50pf 75kv ±10% 40 23 30 m5
mzs30pc50kv101k 50kv 100pf 75kv ±10% 40 25 30 m5
mzs40pc50kv151k 50kv 150pf 75kv ±10% 40 26 30 m5
mzs40pc50kv201k 50kv 200pf 75kv ±10% 40 27 36 m5
mzs40pc50kv301k 50kv 300pf 75kv ±10% 40 30 36 m5
mzs50pc50kv401k 50kv 400pf 75kv ±10% 55 30 36 m5
mzs50pc50kv501k 50kv 500pf 75kv ±10% 55 30 36 m5
mzs75pc50kv102k 50kv 1000pf 75kv ±10% 75 44 50 m5
mzs75pc50kv202k 50kv 2000pf 75kv ±10% 75 44 50 m5
mzs80pc50kv301k 50kv 4000pf 75kv ±10% 80 80 87 m6
mzs80pc50kv802k 50kv 8000pf 75kv ±10% 80 126 136 m6
mzs80pc50kv102k 50kv 10000pf 75kv ±10% 80 142 152 m

application field

widely used in high power pulse power, particle accelerators, electromagnetic microwave equipment, laser photoelectric equipment, electronic equipment, radar detection, nondestructive testing, material, electrostatic dust removal electric field, all kinds of special pulse power supply, ect

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