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hv switch gear live line ceramic capacitor
name:hv switch gear live line ceramic capacitor
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hv switch gear live line ceramic capacitor

product description

small size, non-polar
good charge and discharge performance
stable, good insulativity, low dissipation
a variety of series, a variety of assembly way

image display

electrical parameter

the loss tangent value: ≤0.004
partial discharge: ≤10pc
insulation resistance: ≥10000mω
temperature : -25℃~ 85℃
lighting impulse(peak) : 40 kv(1.2/50μs)

specification table

a-model parameter table

material code capacity rated voltage tolerance withstand voltage test voltage d/l1/l2 m(mm)
mza12kv20pf 20pf 12kv ±15% 48 75kv 14.2*40*52 m4
mza12kv40pf 40pf 12kv ±15% 48 75kv 11*30*42 m4
mza24kv15pf 15pf 24kv ±15% 68 125kv 11.5*52*64 m4
mza24kv50pf 50pf 24kv ±15% 100 125kv 14*58*70 m4
mza24kv100pf 90pf 24kv ±15% 68 125kv 14*50*62 m4
mza24kv120pf 120 24kv ±15% 68 125kv 14*58*70 m4
mza24kv150pf 150pf 24kv ±15% 68 185kv 17*61*81 m5
mza36kv50pf 50pf 36kv ±15% 100 185kv 16*61*81 m5

can provide module customization

b-model parameter table

material code capacity rated voltage tolerance withstand voltage test voltage m(mm)
mzb3.6kv220pf 220pf 3.6kv ±20% 20 40kv m4
mzb3.6kv330pf 330pf 3.6kv ±20% 20 40kv m4
mzb6kv150pf 150pf 6kv ±20% 41 65kv m4
mzb12kv150pf 150pf 12kv ±20% 52 115kv m4
mzb24kv90pf 90pf 24kv ±10% 55 140kv m4
mzb24kv120pf 120pf 24kv ±10% 55 140kv m4
mzb24kv50pf 50pf 24kv ±20% 55 140kv m4
mzb24kv150pf 150pf 24kv ±20% 55 140kv m4
mzb35kv10pf 10pf 35kv ±10% 115 185kv m4
mzb35kv45pf 45pf 35kv ±10% 115 185kv m4

can provide module customization

other style

application field

the voltage divider ratio can be adjusted by adjusting the capacity of the capacitor, which is mainly used for the voltage divider capacitor of the charged display. it needs to be packaged in the insulator while using.

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