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15kv electronic stacks high voltage capacitor
name:15kv electronic stacks high voltage capacitor
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product description

electronic stacks high voltage capacitor is an integrated voltage doubler integrated rectifier module, which is part of the entire circuit integrated in a device, because of its integrated structure, so it is not subject to vibration, humidity, gas corrosion, not afraid of dust, oil baptist, can work in harsh environments. ideal for use in photomultipliers, ionization chambers and similar stable high voltage dc rectifiers that require high voltage, low leakage detection devices.

low dissipation, small tolerance
good charge and discharge performance
small size, high withstand voltage
a variety of series, a variety of assembly way
stable electrostatic capacity

electrical parameter
name: multiplier ceramic capacitor
the rated voltage:10 ~ 50 kv
insulation resistance:(ir)≥10000mω
the loss tangent:tg ≤0.3%
capacitance:10 ~103 pf
tolerance:k (± 10%)
withstand voltage test:dc1.5 times no breakdown or flashover

series a: enhanced, by silver fittings connection between capacitance per level, str ucture optimization, heat evenly, increase insulation, good reliability

material code capacity rated voltage d
cdm20kv151kb12 150pf 20kv 6.1 71 12
cdm10kv251kb12 250pf 10kv 5.2 66 12
cdm20kv331kb11 330pf 20kv 7.8 66 12
cdm20kv471kb12 470pf 20kv 8.3 75 12
cdm20kv501kb12 500pf 20kv 8.3 74 12
cdm30kv221kb10 220pf 30kv 8.5 91 10

can provide module customization, multi-level customization is welcome

b-model parameter table

b series: economy, direct welding between capacitance per level, and unilateral or bilateral derivation leads to two kinds of structure, cheap, economical and practica l, overall length can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.

material code capacity rated voltage d
cdm20kv101ka10 100pf 20kv 5.2 62 10
cdm20kv151ka12 150pf 20kv 6.2 60 12
cdm20kv251ka12 250pf 20kv 5.2 59 12
cdm20kv301ka12 300pf 20kv 8.0 60 12
cdm20kv351ka12 350pf 20kv 6.2 58 12
cdm20kv471ka12 470pf 20kv 8.7 63 12

can provide module customization, multi-level customization is welcome

other style
applicationsuitable for electrostatic spraying doubler module circuit application and typical handheld high-voltage electrostatic spray gun, the built-in high voltage module, low and high pressure anion generator in high voltage power supply components. static electricity generating circuit, spraying machines, electrostatic flocking equipment, doubler circuit, high frequency doubler rectifier circuit, a major part of the multistage doubler rectifier circuit, low power dc high voltage power supply, etc.

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