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announcement on "commercial activities in the name-ag真人是什么

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    in response to the behavior of some lawless elements on the market that use the name of meizhi company for commercial activities, the following is hereby made:
    1. the registered name of the company is “dongguan meizhi electronics co., ltd.”, please check whether the names on the commercial quotation and the contract documents are consistent. some time ago, some unscrupulous elements impersonated the company's name for commercial activities. the name was “dongguan meizhi electronics co., ltd.”, the number of words was different, and please check the official seal in detail. be careful!
    2. the company has no subsidiaries. for the behavior of users who have responded to the name of a subsidiary of "dongguan meizhi electronics co., ltd.", please be careful!
    3. the company's business activities are carried out by "dongguan meizhi electronics co., ltd.", all sales products use this name for invoicing, if the name does not match, please be careful, and contact us! for details, please visit the official website: www.amazingcap.com or contact our legal representative, ms. li caimei: 13649800104.
    4. "meizhi" is the registered trademark of "dongguan meizhi electronics co., ltd.", registration certificate number "tmzc20904085d01t171030", please users and friends to assist in counterfeiting, to prevent all illegal activities in the name of meizhi! welcome to report!

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