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what is a high voltage capacitor-ag真人是什么

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high-voltage capacitors are now generally referred to as capacitors above 1kv, or capacitors above 10kv.
usually, a high-voltage capacitor with a rated working voltage of 10kvac is suitable for products with a rating of 40kvdc or more if it is judged by dc voltage. because 40kvdc capacitors can only withstand 10kvac for about 2 minutes, it is easy to break down at high voltage.[1]
the current high-voltage capacitors are mainly divided into: high-voltage ceramic capacitors, high-voltage film capacitors, high-voltage polypropylene capacitors, and so on. among them, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are the most concerned.
the main advantage of high-voltage ceramic capacitors lies in their small size, high pressure resistance, stable performance, no oil, no gas, no pollution and no flammable and explosive potential.
according to the documents of the national development and reform commission, in the future, oily and gas-containing explosives, pollution, and flammable film or oil-immersed capacitors will be replaced by new products. this will undoubtedly give the best development opportunities for high-voltage ceramic capacitors. high-voltage ceramic capacitors do not have these hidden dangers, and at the same time have irreplaceable advantages: long life, good reliability, small size, solid state.
there are often some misunderstandings in the use of high-voltage capacitors: for example, in terms of voltage, in high-intensity, x-ray machines, security inspection machines, high-frequency pulses, etc., it is dc voltage. on the contrary,
grid equipment, as well as some grid detection equipment applications, technicians often say ac voltage. customary terms are different, engineering and sales personnel need to find out the different voltage requirements.
the above content comes from baidu encyclopedia
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