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the global high voltage dc capacitor market will e-ag真人是什么

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the growing demand for electricity is one of the main factors driving growth in the global market. other factors include reduced transmission losses during long-distance mass transmissions, and supportive government regulations for energy trading and grid interconnections, which will further advance the demand for high-voltage dc capacitors worldwide.
due to the increase in the number of offshore transmissions and solar panels in the form of wind farms, there will be tremendous opportunities in the high-voltage dc capacitor market in the renewable energy sector. europe and the asia pacific region are expected to witness high growth, thanks to increasing investment and development in the transmission grid. however, the high-voltage dc capacitor market is also hampered by a number of factors, including higher infrastructure and deployment costs, and low standardization of technology.
key suppliers of the global high voltage dc capacitor market include siemens, alstom, abb and transgrid.
polaris smart grid online news: according to the latest report released by foreign market research institutions, by 2022, the global high-voltage dc capacitor market will exceed us$4.36 billion (about rmb 28.65 billion). in 2016-2022, the annual compound growth rate of the market reached 15.19%.
the report argues that a substantial increase in electricity demand is putting pressure on current power generation infrastructure. at the same time, transmission and distribution losses are also a major concern for ac transmission systems. therefore, hvdc transmission systems are increasingly popular in the kingwhere market, especially for their simultaneous connections, low loss, high capacity and long distance transportation. with the continuous popularization of high-voltage dc systems, the market for high-voltage dc capacitors is gradually expanding. coupled with the continuous reduction of technology costs and increased policy support, the high-voltage dc capacitor market will see a substantial increase in the next few years.
from the perspective of enterprises, abb group, epcos, siemens, alstom, toshiba, etc. will become the world's leading suppliers of high voltage dc capacitors.
from the perspective of countries and regions, the united states, the united kingdom, and germany are committed to the upgrading of the current power infrastructure, while the asia-pacific region and other emerging economies plan to vigorously develop power infrastructure and integrate renewable energy to cope with rising power demand. this has further promoted the stable and rapid development of the market.
overall, increased demand for grid operation stability, increased policy support, infrastructure and automation processes, and increased requirements for low loss rates are the main reasons for the continued rapid growth of the high-voltage dc capacitor market. however, high infrastructure construction costs and lack of standardization are also major constraints to this market development.

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