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how to choose a partial discharge capacitor for us-ag真人是什么

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various high-voltage capacitors are used in power equipment. these products often have special requirements. many people ask me: which capacitor does your capacitor refer to? i am sorry, i want to tell you: these ultra-high voltage capacitors are actually only the standard of the enterprise, there is no national standard.
is there really no national standard?
in fact, there are still some, but we have to find it ourselves. go to the various types of equipment of the state grid. for example, look for the standards of circuit breakers, transformers, insulators, sensors, arresters, couplers and other equipment.
so, what is the corporate standard of meizhi? the first is the standard of appearance. this we have to design according to the drawings provided by the customer, or the scheme we designed, the various standards of the integrated grid equipment.
second is the standard of electrical performance. this has a general standard. if there is no detailed description of the application environment, we will follow a basic parameter standard. for example, 10kv ac capacitor, our company's testing standard is 45kv two minute pressure test, partial discharge test standard at 14.5kv. in addition to these, we may also need to know the user's frequency requirements, temperature requirements, and description of the use environment.
meizhi capacitive transformer test results ok
performance is at the top level in the country,
applied to the national power grid, etc.
welcome new and old customers of electric transformers to consult! ! !

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