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how to choose high power pulse capacitors?-ag真人是什么

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high-power pulse capacitors have been made with thin-film materials for a long time. first, the size is too large, second, the voltage is not high, and third, the life is short. so researchers now generally choose ceramic capacitors. in the choice of ceramic materials, often need to be extremely cautious!
because users often use multiple capacitors in parallel, it is required to use capacitors with large capacity. but there is a mao shield: the larger the capacity, the larger the dielectric constant, and the high frequency characteristics of such ceramic capacitors. the worse! for example, our commonly used y5t ceramic media, the capacity is not small, the commonly used model is 50kv5000pf. but there is a problem: this is a dynamic high-frequency material, not suitable for pulse type applications.
another kind of ceramic medium that is really used is n4700. at present, the pulse life of 20,000 to 50,000 times is generally achieved in china. at present, meizhi has achieved 60,000 times. this is the highest level in china. obviously this is not user satisfaction. because customers often want to use it repeatedly, it is best to have 100,000 or even 1 million lifespans.
so, is there a high-voltage ceramic capacitor with a lifetime of one million? the answer is yes. the high-voltage capacitor of mzs-pc medium, which is unique to meizhi, is the product with a pulse life of more than one million times. this new ceramic medium is international. the first, similar to electromagnetic guns, shenguang lasers, such weapons, repeated thousands of times a minute, with a million life expectancy.
high-voltage ceramic capacitors of this type of pc media are very suitable for use in equipment above 100 ghz. so, the top choice is it!
meizhi capacitive transformer test results ok
performance is at the top level in the country,
applied to the national power grid, etc.
welcome new and old customers of electric transformers to consult! ! !

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