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what is the impact of creepage distance on the des-ag真人是什么

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how much influence does the creepage distance have on the design of high-voltage capacitors? this problem depends on the actual application. different media, because of their different dielectric insulation, will have different design results.
for example: a high-voltage ceramic capacitor die, after the two poles are processed, placed in a vacuum environment, the height of the tile is 5mm. that is to say, the distance between the two poles is 5mm. what is the safe working voltage? after the experiment, it is found that the vacuum itself is no problem. the insulation strength in the vacuum should not be discharged. because there is no air molecule. however, after powering up to 3kv, there will be a discharge phenomenon, which is more likely to occur when it is close to 5kv. abnormal.
why is this problem? is the vacuum not good enough, there is gas? or the quality of high-voltage ceramic capacitors is not enough? perhaps, this will become a controversial focus. in fact, the reason is very simple: vacuum is no problem, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are no problem. the thickness of 5mm already has a voltage strength of more than 10kv. why is there still an electric spark?
this is the problem of creepage distance. capacitance and vacuum are no problem. however, under the high voltage of about 5kv, the two poles of the high voltage capacitor are discharged because the distance is too short. the distance problem is not related to the product quality itself. therefore, design adjustments, or technically, to make a protection between the two poles, so that the distance between the poles is increased. if you want to boost to about 6kv, it is recommended that the height of the electropneumatic device or the distance between the poles should not be less than 8mm.
for more application questions, please contact laohe: 13549300303.

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