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technical points of 500kvdc high voltage ceramic c-ag真人是什么

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meizhi company's new high-voltage ceramic capacitor 500kv250pf, like a gold hoop, is powerful. we look at his parameters.
working voltage: the working voltage of this high voltage capacitor is set to 500kvdc;
maximum withstand voltage: the maximum withstand voltage is 2 times the working power, ie 1000kdc;
breakdown voltage: the breakdown voltage of this high voltage capacitor is between 1250kvdc and 1500kvdc;
nominal capacity: 250pf, error range 10%
frequency characteristics: this high-voltage ceramic capacitor is suitable for working in the high frequency range of about 1000khz. if used as a pulse weapon power supply, it discharges about 500 times per second.
lifespan: 60,000 pulses in the above harsh conditions
product size: diameter 75mm, height 245mm. weight is about 2.5kgs.
in summary, this new high-voltage ceramic capacitor is an ultra-high voltage capacitor. if used in the dc field, the rated voltage can be around 500kvdc. if it is used for ac applications, it is recommended to set the rated working voltage to 100kvac. partial discharge (150kvac) is less than 20pc, temperature change rate (-25 to 85 degrees) is about 20%. interested engineering and technical personnel, you can contact us for more technical information.

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