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using high-ag真人是什么

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meizhi has designed two 50kv4000pf high-voltage ceramic capacitors, but there are big differences in performance and appearance. this article focuses on the differences between the two to help customers make the right choice.
first, the size: y5t high-voltage ceramic capacitor, the size is small. the chip size is 50mm diameter, thickness 32mm. the size of the finished product is 60mm diameter, height 46mm; look at the high-voltage ceramic capacitor 50kv 4000pf of gc medium, its appearance size is the diameter is 140mm and the thickness is 60mm. it is obviously much larger than y5t.
second, the voltage characteristics. y5t medium high-voltage ceramic capacitors, 50kv4000pf, can withstand dc voltage of more than 120kvdc, ac voltage 45kvac two minutes completely no problem. and gc medium 50kv4000pf high-voltage ceramic capacitors, ac 50kvac test for two minutes completely no problem , ac high voltage to 70kv did not appear breakdown.
third, partial discharge, y5t high-voltage ceramic capacitors, in the partial discharge performance is not good gc medium. but less than 20pc within 20kvac is no problem. gc material is basically no discharge within 20kvac. its zero partial discharge the advantage is the biggest feature.
fourth, the temperature change rate. gc medium is a temperature-stable medium. y5t is a three-class ceramic, the two are not comparable in temperature characteristics. gc medium high-voltage ceramic capacitors between -40 degrees and 125 degrees the temperature change rate is less than 5%, and the temperature change rate of y5t between -20 degrees and 85 degrees is greater than 30%. for users with stricter temperature requirements, y5t is spiked.
although the two high-voltage ceramic capacitors will have a big difference in the comparison of various parameters, but for the user, the right is the best, not the best quality is the best. after all, in the price the difference between the two is at least six times. therefore, we do not recommend you to use the most expensive, but you must know clearly which one is the right!

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