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looking at the future of meizhi high-ag真人是什么

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xi has visited the five countries of the european union and accompanied her mother. the wearable equipment of the new mother has always received much attention. the new mother-in-law has visited the country many times, and every trip has become the focus of the media. her manners represent a kind of thought, a spirit, one direction.
meizhi capacitor is the forerunner of high-voltage ceramic capacitors. we interpret the behavior of the first lady:
china's goods are self-reliant, china is no longer a representative of inferior quality. china's manufacturing is moving towards china's creation. her body is from a small factory in china, and her jewelry is from a domestic factory. her mobile phone is not samsung, not apple, but china's own brand. the first lady passed a message to the world with practical actions: support domestic products, chinese dreams, starting from chinese goods!
we are very fortunate to have grown up in a new era. today we have the conditions to conduct various scientific experiments and have the ability to develop more new products. at present, our high-pressure ceramic capacitors in the united states have not lost to japan and the united states in many respects. let us say the mzd series of military products. 50kv2500pf capacitors are widely used in our lasers, radars, electron accelerators, electromagnetic guns and other advanced weapons, and our capacitors are being confirmed by more and more military units: no more than tdk poor! at present, our high-frequency pulsed high-voltage capacitors have a pulse life of more than 60,000 times, and are making high-voltage ceramic capacitors with more than 100,000 pulses.
no worse than others, that is not our ultimate goal. our goal is better than others. and this is slowly being realized. for example, our gc dielectric ceramic capacitor is the first in the world. review our first creation, at present, no other company can produce gc products. this new ceramic dielectric material is being promoted by smart grid users. the advantages of gc high-iron ceramic capacitors are outstanding: the voltage level is 6 times higher than ordinary capacitors! the partial discharge is close to zero! stable, the capacity change rate is less than 1% in the range of -30 to 85 degrees! this kind of gc capacitor is being used as a core component of transformers, voltage dividers, sensors, circuit breakers.
i am very grateful to the chinese military academies such as the chinese academy of sciences, the nine institutes, and the national institute of optics and light for their strong support for domestic high-voltage ceramic capacitors. it is precisely because of the information and support of these scientists that our high-quality high-voltage capacitors have achieved today. ! chinese goods, will eventually become the pride of the world! chinese goods, will eventually become the advertised of global enterprises!
meizhi capacitor thanked the first lady for setting an example and personally experienced the extraordinary of chinese goods! meizhi capacitor will go all out to let chinese military workers use the best high-voltage capacitors! let the motherland’s land and sea, let the motherland’s airspace, there is a guarantee of the beauty of the capacitors!

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