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how to deal with the customer's extraordinary requ-ag真人是什么

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high-voltage ceramic capacitors 50kvac 3600pf is a custom-made product. high-voltage capacitors are mainly used for high-voltage power supply in the power grid.
in fact, for the guests, the higher the value of the capacity and voltage of the high-voltage ceramic capacitor, the better, but this is not realistic. because the higher the voltage, the lower the capacity.
in the communication with customers, we must understand the core needs of customers for high-voltage ceramic capacitors. it's not that all the requirements must be met ---- it is unrealistic. for example, this product has a big premise that the voltage level must reach 45kvac. (42kvac is the test requirement of the power grid, and 45kvac is the margin requirement, so it must be safer and more reliable.)
we know that under such high voltage conditions, in fact, high-voltage ceramic capacitors must be double-insured in voltage and capacity. the only thing that can be done is to make the size bigger. the traditional 50kv 5000pf chip thickness is 23mm. it is easy to penetrate at around 30kv. of course, there are also processes that are perfect at 42kvac breakdown. but that is hard to do.
now, we have increased the thickness of the high-voltage capacitor chip to 32mm, which is an increase of 1/3. thus, the voltage level is much higher and the capacity is reduced accordingly. according to this thickness, the diameter is 45mm, the thickness is 32mm, the voltage is higher than 45kvac, and the capacity is about 3600pf.
after repeated tests, the original high-voltage capacitor sample could not guarantee the voltage. this is a dead hole. if you make this, the high-voltage ceramic capacitor is no good. therefore, helpless, finally determined to reduce capacity and increase voltage.
new samples of high-voltage ceramic capacitors will be released in two weeks. this will be a voltage guaranteed product.

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