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what are the requirements for capacitive voltage d-ag真人是什么

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as a key component, the capacitive voltage divider has strict requirements on capacitors. the most headache is the temperature change rate requirement. because the primary side is a high voltage ceramic capacitor and the secondary side is a low voltage ceramic capacitor, it is difficult to guarantee the rate of change to temperature is consistent.
capacitive dividers, as the name suggests, use capacitors as the core material for voltage dividers. capacitors have the advantage of high voltage capability, which is extremely powerful compared to resistor dividers. but capacitors are used as voltage dividers. the core component has a disadvantage: the problem of the high pressure side and the low pressure side is not well solved. it is very likely that it is made of two completely different materials.

last year, meishi capacitor introduced a series of gc products with extremely low temperature change rate. this gc material high-voltage ceramic capacitor has a temperature change rate of 3% to -125 degrees from -40 degrees to 125 degrees. but to find the capacitor on the low voltage side. the verification degree is large, because the capacity on the low-voltage side is too large, and the ceramic capacitor cannot be satisfied. therefore, the researchers have to use the gc capacitor as the high-voltage side and the metallized film capacitor as the low-voltage side. however, two completely different materials are used. on a voltage divider, the total temperature change rate exceeds 5%. this voltage divider is not precise enough to meet the requirements.
since there has been no breakthrough, some r&d personnel began to think: now that the temperature change rate of the capacitors in the gc series is so small, there is no need to worry about the high-voltage side. if the capacity on the high-voltage side is changed to a small value, is it not necessary to worry about the low-voltage side?
according to this idea, meizhi electronics started the new research and development task of gc series ceramic capacitors. the technicians designed a high-voltage ceramic capacitor with a capacity of 100pf. the ac voltage of this product is above 75kvac. at the same time, it is made of the same material. it has become a capacitor with a capacity of 5000 pf and a 10000 pf on the low voltage side. thus, the capacity on the high and low pressure sides is 50 to 100 times.
this is convenient! the r&d staff of several customers all agree! yes, the new gc series capacitors are the core components of the voltage divider, and they are immediately available to the market! did you understand?

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