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why is the pin of the capacitor easily broken afte-ag真人是什么

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to give you a little knowledge of electronic processing. electronic components (such as high-voltage ceramic capacitors) will be processed into various types of electronic products. the complaints are often directed at abnormal quality. but sometimes complaints are not necessarily due to the quality of our products. there is a problem, but the guests do not know how to process. or how to use it correctly.
facts speak louder than words, or give examples to everyone, so easy to understand. last year one of our german customers booked for the first time in ours. he purchased a batch of high-voltage ceramic capacitors of 40kv202k. we often say "everyone knows "this sentence, in fact, this sentence is wrong. many times you think it is normal, in fact, people do not understand. after receiving our high-voltage capacitors for a few days, the guests sent an email saying that after their installation and found that our capacitors will be very hot at nearly 40kv, and then will penetrate.
the words of the guests really scared us. such a low voltage will break down, that is a serious problem! we must know that our high-voltage ceramic capacitors withstand voltage standards are more than 2 times the rated voltage. he said this directly indicates that the goods are waste, can not be used. our foreign trade colleagues patiently asked them what kind of work environment to use? the result is surprising: the customer directly exposed the high-voltage ceramic capacitors in the air! this is the case!
this ultra-high voltage high-voltage ceramic capacitor must be used in transformer oil or in epoxy resin. this kind of usage of the guest directly leads to poor heat dissipation and breakdown! the guest did not see the use in our manual. method.
just last week, a customer complaint incident occurred again. a customer took the high-voltage ceramic capacitor and soldered the terminal. later, when fixing the terminal, it was found that the pin of the electro-pneumatic device was easily broken! so no matter what the three seven two eleven, all returned the goods!
originally, the customer did not use the terminal clamp, nor the terminal machine, but the soldering method. thus, the surface of the lead formed an alloy layer. because the alloy layer is relatively hard, it is folded several times, some lead the feet are easy to break. what's more, they use a blade to scrape the soldering foot, which hurts the pin itself!
the problems are all solved. business colleagues, continue to learn, strengthen their processing capabilities oh!

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