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application of high voltage ceramic capacitors in-ag真人是什么

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in high-voltage power equipment, whenever a capacitor is encountered, the most torturing technician is the problem of the temperature change rate of the capacitor. although the high-voltage ceramic capacitor has good high-voltage characteristics, it is inferior to the metal film in temperature change rate. class capacitors, this is a considerable regret. however, this problem can be solved in the company.
the product solution we introduced to our customers is to change the ratio of high and low voltage capacitors. for example, we have to use a 1000pf for high voltage capacitors, and the low voltage terminals for 1.53uf. the problem of high voltage capacitors has to be solved. it was found that the low-voltage end became a problem. because only the capacitors used in the high-voltage and low-voltage terminals are exactly the same, the temperature change rate is the same. in fact, must the high-voltage end use 1000 pf?
what if the capacity of the capacitor of the high-voltage arm is changed to 100pf? what happens if it is changed to 80pf or 50pf? after the capacity of the high-voltage arm is reduced, the low-voltage arm does not use a capacitor of that size. in fact, if the ratio is stable, as long as there is a suitable ratio, the technician can successfully develop the product.
therefore, i have developed several options for customers to choose: high-voltage ceramic capacitors with 50~100pf for high-voltage arm and ceramic capacitors of the same material with 1000~6000pf for low-voltage arm. this is related to the size of capacitors for high-voltage and low-voltage arms. problem. because the capacitor of the low voltage arm cannot be made infinitely large.
gc 1000pf diameter 40mm;
gc 2000pf diameter 40mm;
gc 3000pf diameter 50mm;
gc 4000pf diameter 50mm;
gc 5000pf diameter 50mm;
gc 6000pf diameter 60mm;
as can be seen from the above, when the low-voltage arm capacitor is at 6000 pf, the size is close to the limit of use, and the average customer will not choose. therefore, the technician generally uses a capacitor of 5000 pf. the ratio of high voltage to low voltage is 50 times to 100 times.
my friends will be wondering: what kind of material is used to guarantee the capacitors mentioned above? this is the latest gc series ceramic capacitors introduced by our company last year. these ceramic capacitors are used in all high-k dielectric high-voltage ceramic capacitors. the rate of change is the best!

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