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xi’s chinese dream, the people’s chinese dream!-ag真人是什么

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the chinese dream is not only the chinese dream of the new generation of chinese leaders, but also the chinese dream of the chinese people and the chinese dream of the chinese nation. as a part of the country's construction, how does meizhi company do its part in the field of high-voltage ceramic capacitors and take responsibility , bravely take the heavy responsibility? general manager mei zhi has his own opinion!
the chinese dream is the ideal and yearning for national rejuvenation. it is the expectation of prosperity and prosperity. it is the voice of the country and the people. it is the determination to safeguard the dignity of the great powers. the chinese dream is a dream that can be realized. it is the struggle of the whole people, uniting together, uniting and forging ahead. determination and action. meizhi company is committed to the development of dielectric materials and capacitors for ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitors, and has its own actions for the chinese dream.
china never lacks talents, but china lacks talents. meizhi company is willing to start from itself, recruit talents and provide the soil for talents to play. many of china's cutting-edge technologies are subject to some basic research. for example, in the field of capacitors, chinese military enterprises or power companies often need to purchase a large number of components from abroad. these devices are not researched by chinese people, but some companies do not see this market, or are unwilling to invest in such investment. the slow-moving industry. the heavy profit is the essence of some enterprises. meizhi company wants to break this bad habit, we can not make money for several years, but we can't develop high-end ceramic capacitor products for several years, we can't see ourselves for a long time. the country's high-end products have always been controlled by foreign devices!
strong countries and strong military, are indispensable to our company's participation. and determined to take high-end research and development of meizhi ceramics, in the future, will invest more manpower, material resources, financial resources, intelligence, to develop high standards of high pressure for chinese military electrical ceramic capacitor products. we believe that with our current capabilities and our efforts in product development, we are able to develop capacitor products that are higher than foreign standards in a short period of time!
the chinese dream carries the longing for generations of chinese to strengthen the country and strengthen the army. every beautiful person, take action! you are the backbone of the motherland!

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