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basic introduction of 80kv 500pf high voltage capa-ag真人是什么

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the size is as small as possible, the voltage is as high as possible, and the capacity is as large as possible. this is the requirement of most customers. no one can tolerate too large equipment, difficult to maintain, difficult to handle, inflexible, and inconvenient to apply.
recommend a high-voltage ceramic capacitor: rated voltage 80kv, rated capacity 500pf. temperature characteristics are n4700. this product has good characteristics of high frequency and high voltage. it is suitable for x-ray, ct machine, radar, security and other equipment. double voltage power supply. can withstand high frequency above 550khz, and current above 10a.
the most important thing is the size. this capacitor is relatively acceptable. the diameter is 38mm, the total length of the screw is 38mm, and the weight is about 110g. the m5 screw is used. the insulation resistance is about 600,000 megaohms.

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