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application of two models of 40kv202k high voltage-ag真人是什么

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a colleague complained: a capacitor divider customer did not get it, the guest suspected that the offer is not honest enough!
originally, guests should use a 40kv202k high-voltage ceramic capacitor, specifically using a capacitive voltage divider. so colleagues based on his previous experience, recommended a diameter of 62mm, thickness 34mm high-voltage bolt-type capacitor. but the next day when communicating with customers, the guests did not seem to want to talk, asking the guests what they thought, the guest said: expensive!
this happens, in fact, the reason is very simple: we imagine the customer's request is too high. sometimes the customer does not ask for so high, we are scaring ourselves. true, 40kv202k high voltage capacitor is used in the transformer of power equipment or on the voltage divider, most require a small local discharge electrode, ac voltage 42kvac. but this is not absolute.
there are different types of voltage dividers. some voltage dividers require a large current. the test is based on 42kvac. at this time, we can only recommend a high voltage capacitor with a diameter of 62mm, which is dl62; but there is another case. guests use 10kvac ac circuit, not a large current. they only need 24kva to try ok, then, if you recommend dl62, guests will be very expensive!
the diameter of 52mm is dl52 high voltage capacitor 40kv202k, the ac voltage is about 38kvac. compared with dl62, the current of this capacitor is smaller. but for the guests, the customer happens to use in the circuit of small current. the unit price of the two capacitors is about 40 yuan. with such a big spread, you said that guests will not be too expensive!
therefore, when negotiating with customers, we must fully understand the use of the guests, this will not touch the south wall.

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