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is there a uniform standard for the withstand volt-ag真人是什么

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different companies have different standards for the withstand voltage of high-voltage ceramic capacitors, and different countries are different. in our country, there are roughly three divisions:
some ceramic capacitor companies in jiangsu generally do 1.2 times. for example, 20kv102k ct81 capacitors, according to their division, the nominal voltage is 20kv, the actual withstand voltage is around 24kv. we often meet customers, i want 20kv the 102k capacitor, the voltage is calculated by 1.2 times. this kind of customer did not find a real high-end manufacturer before, so when purchasing the product, only the price is mentioned. the price is low. so this kind of customer keeps changing suppliers. because the product is always a problem, this batch of goods, the next batch of goods may have problems, very unstable. the reason is that the voltage level is too low. the product has a problem, directly the pressure is not enough. often the customer bought 20kv102k, in fact only used as 10kv or 15kv.
most formal chinese companies operate at 1.5 times. for example, 20kv 102k capacitors, the nominal voltage is 20kv, the highest withstand voltage can reach more than 30kv. the same capacitor, the pressure difference is more than 6kv. obviously the price is not the same. according to the standard of 1.5 times to make products, this is a relatively common practice in china. relatively speaking, it is relatively conservative, so the problem will be much less. however, in some products with high frequency pulse or high safety and reliability requirements, this is obviously it is not enough. i often hear technicians say: the actual working voltage of our products is 10kv, i bought a 20kv capacitor, the purpose is to increase reliability.
the standard of meizhi capacitor is relatively the highest in china. we are consistent with foreign countries, and the same standard is used twice. for example, our 20kv 102k, dl material, electric high withstand voltage has reached more than 45kv. 30kv of 102k, the voltage has exceeded 60kv. therefore, with the mzc brand capacitor, the marked voltage is already rated voltage, can work at this voltage. on the contrary, below this standard, it can not work at the marked voltage.
bolt-type capacitors, the standard adopted by meizhi company is more than 2 times. for example, 40kv102k, diameter 45mm, material is n4700. the test voltage is 80kvdc or 45kvac, and the breakdown voltage has reached above 105kvdc. 3 times. this is because customers who use bolt-type capacitors are often more sophisticated and often used in high-frequency pulse circuits, so the voltage requirements are quite high. only higher pressure capability can guarantee the life and safe use of the product. it is for this reason that our r&d team is developing products with a standard of 3 times. by the end of the year, the breakdown voltage of our 40kv102k ct8g bolt-type capacitors will reach 120kv or more.
at present, overseas manufacturers such as vishay, avx, tdk, etc. are all subject to 2 times the withstand voltage level. in actual tests, meizhi's capacitor withstand voltage is higher, because we insist on using higher standards.

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