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why are there 40 models of 40kv102k high voltage c-ag真人是什么

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mzd series is the ct8g bolt type high voltage plate ceramic capacitor. the most commonly used in the smart grid are 40kv102k, 40kv202k, 40kv332k and so on. among the three, 40kv102k has several styles. it is easy to choose the wrong material, so this article is specifically for this situation.
the high-voltage ceramic capacitor mzd 40kv102k has the following three sizes and describes its different usages:

first, mzd52r40kv102k: diameter 52mm, thickness 35mm, material is x7e; this is the largest size of the three. this material is mainly used for products with higher temperature change rate. capacitive voltage divider that can be used in smart grid among them, the temperature change is less than 3%. in the capacitive voltage divider, the structure is generally a high-voltage capacitor and a low-voltage capacitor are connected in series. including many customers in the power industry, including our us customers, like high-voltage capacitors. use 40kv102k for the best choice. because this capacitor is good in price and good in quality. but there is a requirement: the temperature change rate requirements of the two capacitors of high voltage and low voltage are the same, or as close as possible. because the capacity of the low voltage capacitor is particularly large, if using ceramic capacitors of the same material will result in far less cost, so it is generally recommended to use this 52mm diameter high-voltage ceramic capacitor. the reason is: 1. good pressure resistance, ac 42kvac test for 2 minutes, no problem at all. 2, the partial discharge is no problem, the partial discharge of this capacitor should be within 5pc; 3. the high frequency is no problem, this capacitor can withstand the frequency above 1kkhz, can be used in high frequency pulse circuit. 4. life problem. using this high pressure ceramic capacitors, power equipment life can be determined in more than 10 years.
second, mzd45dl40kv102k: diameter 45mm, thickness 35mm, material is dl or n4700; this is the largest amount of smart grid capacitor parts. first, the partial discharge is extremely low, the basic control is between 0pc and 5pc; secondly, the voltage withstand strong ac 42kvac test is no problem for 2 minutes, the ac breakdown voltage exceeds 48kvac; again, the frequency characteristics are good, the frequency of n4700 material need not be said more. the long life, used for more than 10 years is not a problem. the difference in performance between the product and the previous large-size capacitor is mainly in the rate of temperature change. if the device requires strict temperature change rate, then it has to give up. but in other performances, it is not inferior.
third, mzd38dl40kv102k: diameter 38mm, thickness 35mm, material is dl or n4700; this capacitor is the smallest of the three, diameter 38mm, can be said to be quite a good design. but this product is not designed for power products it is designed for the small space of high-frequency pulse products. that is to say, this is a product specifically designed for several specific customers. this product is also made of n4700, but it is on ac withstand voltage. a little different, the voltage should be at 38kvac. because it is not used on electrical equipment, it is not introduced here.

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