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30kv 222m high voltage ceramic capacitors with mor-ag真人是什么

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the high-voltage ceramic capacitor 30kv 222m has the following four ways of existence (note that this is the company's high-end products, currently only this four methods of this product, does not rule out that most companies use other lower-end materials, so there may be more ways):
first, mzc-ct81-d27-f20-30kv-222m, the meaning of this number is, mzc, which means meishi capacitor; ct81, which means high-voltage wafer type (guide pin) ceramic capacitor; d32, letter d means y5t material, diameter it is 27mm; 30kv means rated working voltage is 30kvdc; 222m means rated capacity is 2200pf, error value is ±20%; this high-voltage ceramic capacitor has good material, good stability and excellent temperature characteristics, generally 6000pe capacity; mainly used in x-ray machine related products, such as ct machine, x-ray machine, non-destructive testing equipment, flaw detection equipment, noise reduction, dust removal and deodorization equipment; of course, the performance in communication equipment is also very good; in the circuit is mainly used for voltage doubler (high voltage board, high voltage power supply, high voltage generator);
second, mzc-ct81-dl32-f20-30kv-222m, the meaning of this item number is: mzc means meishi capacitor, ct81 means high voltage disc type (guide pin) ceramic capacitor; dl32 means material is n4700, diameter is 32mm, f20 means the pitch is 20mm; 30kv means the rated working voltage is 30kvdc; 222m means the rated capacity is 2200pf, the error value is ±20%; this capacitor is better than the previous one, the material is larger, the diameter is also larger, of course the price is also a lot more expensive. the use is the same as the previous one, but the performance is more stable. the design life of the previous one is 10 years, and the design life of this model is 20 years; mainly used in high-end x-ray equipment, for example, ct if the customer has high requirements on the product and has extremely high requirements on the design life and quality of the product, it will generally choose this expensive high-voltage ceramic capacitor made of n4700 material;
30kv2200pf ct81 high voltage ceramic capacitor
三,third, mzc-ct8g-dl56-30kv-222m, the meaning of this item number is that mzc means meishi capacitor, ct8g, which means high-voltage cylindrical ceramic capacitor (bolt type); dl56, letter dl means material is n4700, 56 is diameter 56mm, thickness is about 31mm (excluding the net thickness of the screw is 26mm), 30kv means the rated voltage is 30kvdc, 222m means the rated capacity is 2200pf, the error grade is m is ±20%; the screw used for this capacitor is m5, the material is very good, mainly for some customers with high requirements, such as strict requirements for pd, strict requirements for high frequency, strict requirements for large current and other characteristics; the main customer facing is the smart grid (capacitor divider, transformer, energy metering box etc.), power system detection equipment, electrostatic generators, ion fans, etc.;
fourth, mzc-ct8g-d33-30kv-222m, the meaning of this item number is: mzc means meishi capacitor, ct8g means high voltage cylindrical ceramic capacitor (bolt type); d33 means material is y5t, diameter is 33mm; the thickness of the capacitor is 20mm, and the thickness of the screw is 24mm. compared with dl56, this d33 is not only a small diameter, but also a lot less cost. mainly facing the requirements are not too high, the current is small in milliamps, does not require high frequency and does not require high-level products, such as electrostatic generators, ion fans, ac and dc generators, some test equipment for power systems, etc. ;
ct8g type high voltage ceramic capacitor
choosing the right high-voltage ceramic capacitors not only saves costs, but also creates a good reputation for your own business. because most of the equipment that uses these capacitors is expensive, guests generally want to be worth the money, rather than replacing them in two or three years. therefore, choosing a capacitor is the key. at present, philips requires all high-voltage capacitors made of n4700, because although the cost has been added, its own machine is more durable! ! imagine a x-ray machine that can only be used for one or two years, and an x-ray machine that can be used for 20 years. which one would you like to choose?
therefore, before using high-voltage ceramic capacitors, be sure to ask all the performance parameters, the use of the environment, the only way to ensure that the use is correct!

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