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what are the main tests for the reliability test o-ag真人是什么

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the reliability test of high-voltage ceramic capacitors, also called aging test, life test, includes many aspects of test content:
1, withstand voltage test, including rated working voltage 24 hours working test; also includes breakdown withstand voltage, that is, destructive test, the threshold voltage before the capacitor is broken down is the breakdown voltage.
2, series resistance test, insulation resistance test;
3, the tensile test, that is, the tightness of the lead and the chip soldering;
4, positive and negative temperature change rate test, that is, the rate of change of capacitance under the condition of -40 degrees to 60 degrees;
5, aging test, the capacitor operates in the simulated working environment for 30~60 days, and tests its attenuation to change its various parameters;
6, life test, that is, based on the aging test, and then
the capacitor is subjected to a rapid charge and discharge test under high-frequency current, and the number of charge and discharge times is the charge and discharge life. note that this life is obtained after a long period of aging.
7, partial discharge test, that is, partial discharge test;

of course, during these tests, we can derive various parameters such as rated voltage, breakdown voltage, over current, operating frequency, capacity change rate, insulation resistance, and so on. each type of capacitor must be re-tested when the r&d and production ingredients are re-produced to accurately determine whether the product is qualified.

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