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about the self-ag真人是什么

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there are clear samples, but the guests are rushing but can’t give, why?
the customers of the energy metering box are urging samples one by one: are we going to do 40kv202k now? why can't i give samples?
in the face of the customer's reminder calls, we really have the mind to hide. however, we can only tell the customer: please wait a few more days, the self-recovery period is not enough, so the quality will not go.
let's talk about the self-recovery period of high-voltage ceramic capacitors!
high temperature sintering is one of the most important processes for high voltage ceramic capacitors. after one hundred tons of stamping and casting, and high-temperature sintering of more than one thousand degrees, the inside of the chip of the high-voltage ceramic capacitor has a crystal structure between the molecules. the next 6 hours of high temperature baking, and 7 hours of insulation, completely disrupted the internal structure of the crystal.
then, in order to restore the structure of the chip and stabilize the characteristics of the chip, the high-voltage ceramic capacitor needs time to recover. natural recovery (normal temperature storage) is better than 60 days. moreover, products that are stored for one year and stored for two years are excellent in terms of long time. therefore, the long recovery period is very helpful for the performance of the capacitor. without the recovery period capacitor, the withstand voltage and current withstand performance are poor. it has been found through experiments that the high-voltage ceramic capacitors with long storage time will have smaller loss angle values and better high-frequency characteristics.
of course, many customers can't wait: one or two years of storage, or 60 days of storage, which will seriously affect the delivery date. so is there a short-term recovery method? yes, we can store the high-voltage ceramic capacitors in the refrigerator for 20 days, and also achieve self-recovery. in this way, from the time of feeding to shipping, the delivery time is about 60 days. taking the high-voltage ceramic capacitor mzc ct81 30kv 332m as an example, after the capacitor is finished, the withstand voltage test is about 45kv, and the self-recovery is one month, the withstand voltage reaches 50kv, and the self-recovery of two months of capacitance, the withstand voltage has reached 55kv. of course, in the warehouse for a few more than a year, it has reached a withstand voltage of 60kv or more! of course, the loss is now close to zero.
after storage quality will be better, the capacitor voltage that has not undergone self-recovery is even less than the rated voltage. therefore, the customer urges the goods to be urgent, we can only let him wait, wait, and rush to deliver, not only the quality is not good, but also affect the reputation of the company, this is not a good thing.

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