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case: ingenious modification of the voltage double-ag真人是什么

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an italian customer is designing a high-voltage circuit. he sent us the circuit diagram and asked: can a 50kv103m high-voltage ceramic capacitor be used in the above circuit? can you suggest some suggestions for this circuit?
in the face of such professional problems, the technical staff of the research team sat together and discussed with each other. there are two main problems: the first is the high frequency of the passengers used; the second is the large current of the guests. therefore, the power is too large; for this reason, the 50kv103m ct81 lead type high-voltage ceramic capacitor that the customer originally wanted to use is not recommended.
the reason is: mzc-ct8g-50kv103 is a bolt type high voltage ceramic capacitor, the material is y5v. the cost is high, about 250 yuan. moreover, such a high cost, the guest can not actually use, because the high frequency characteristics and overcurrent characteristics of this capacitor of y5v is not good, from the customer's request 30khz point of view, this is not up to. in other words, the guest spent a high price, but it didn't work.
as a result, the results of the discussion became the following corrections:

as shown above, the red part is our correction plan. the guest originally used only 8 capacitors, cx to cx8, which is a four-stage voltage doubler. according to our plan, it has been changed to a six-stage voltage doubler circuit, that is, a total of 12 capacitors from cx to cx11.
of course, according to our design, the final solution is not 12 capacitors, of which cx is 3 capacitors, model is mzc-ct81 30kv 332m; the reason is very simple, this is the first stage, the first capacitor is not through the rectifier this stage is subject to the highest actual voltage and current, so using three capacitors in parallel, this is the perfect way.
in addition, the remaining cx1 to cx11 capacitors are all changed to mzc-ct81, 30kv502m, that is to say, each 103m capacitor is changed by two 502ms in parallel, so that the voltage is reached and the capacity is reached.
finally, the important reason is that the capacitors used in the new solution will be y5t materials, that is, the high frequency characteristics are too strong and can withstand large currents.
according to our latest modification, the service life of this power supply will reach 20 years directly! in other words, it directly improves the life of customers' x-ray equipment and other products. such a good effect, of course, guests like it!

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