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the max high voltage generator, marx generator, was invented by e.marxd in 1924. it is a high-voltage device that uses high-voltage ceramic capacitors and resistors, and is connected in parallel by high-voltage ceramic capacitors and then discharged in series (see the figure below). .

today we will talk about the high voltage generator using mzc-ct8g-40kv high voltage ceramic capacitor as the main component. max's high-voltage generator is mainly used to imitate lightning and operate voltage. it is often used for insulation impact withstand voltage, dielectric impact breakdown, discharge test, using some test equipment, police equipment and so on. this type of equipment uses dc voltage. for example, a us customer who uses the mzc-ct8g-40kv-15000pf high-voltage ceramic capacitor.
marx high voltage generator

marx high-voltage generators, many people call them arc generators, because they can emit electric sparks, and can be made into generators of different voltage levels as needed to emit arcs of different sizes. the requirements for the arc are different and the capacitance used is different. for example, some small devices use the cheap high-voltage film capacitors. some fans just want to hunt, there is no need to use ceramic capacitors, anyway, just for experimentation, learn to make it.
but film capacitors have a characteristic that the voltage is not as high as ceramic capacitors. so if you do a large device, you can't choose a film capacitor. in addition, the life of the film capacitor is short. generally, such ultra-high voltage film capacitors have been in use for a year or two. high voltage ceramic capacitors do not have this problem.
high voltage generator using film capacitor

high-voltage ceramic capacitors in the maxi high-voltage generator device, two 40kv15000pf capacitors are connected in parallel to achieve the partial pressure effect, and then each group of parallel capacitors is connected in series to achieve the boost (double voltage) effect. specifically, how many series should be connected, depending on the design effect that you want to achieve. for example, to achieve a high voltage of 300kv, then each group can be connected in parallel and 10 groups in series, so that not only the discharge effect but also the service life can be guaranteed.

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