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introduction to y57 and n4700 high voltage ceramic-ag真人是什么

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the wafer-shaped high-voltage ceramic capacitor mzc-ct81 and the cylindrical high-voltage ceramic capacitor mzc-ct8g will have a large adjustment depending on the application. according to different requirements of customers and different expectations of price, meizhi capacitor roughly divides these two types of main products into y5t material and n4700 material.
y5t material is a kind of end product that is widely used and proven to be completely feasible on most high voltage generators and other products. these products have good stability and performance close to that of n4700. however, the price is relatively speaking. cheaper. in the high-voltage generator, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are increasingly taking advantage of the film capacitors, becoming the new product main force. because of the large amount of consumption in a single product, cost has become a consideration for some companies.
some high-voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturers use y5p or y5v materials to supply them, because the price is quite cheap, which makes the users happy, but then they found that although these products perform well in many aspects, the fatal flaws cannot be allowed. accepted by people: short life! this is caused directly by the material. although the lower end of the material is cheap, the electrical performance is insufficient.
meizhi capacitor uses n4700 material. this material's high-voltage ceramic capacitors perform well in all aspects and have a long life, but the only one that is not very satisfactory is the price. for this reason, our meishi capacitors have recently made a decision. all the original products are produced according to the highest standards. the n4700 material is used uniformly. now it is changed to the military equipment such as military aerospace and smart grid, and n4700 products are used. the high-voltage generator is made of y5t material of the same quality.
high-voltage ceramic capacitors made of y5t are also not cheap. it is more expensive than low-end products such as y5p or y5v. but high pressure ceramics compared to n4700

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