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domestic high-ag真人是什么

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high-voltage ceramic capacitors are widely used in high-voltage generators, high-voltage metering boxes and high-voltage power systems. dongguan meizhi electronics co., ltd. has been committed to the research and development of high-voltage ceramic capacitors since 1998. the company has developed ct81 wafer high-voltage ceramic capacitors and ct8g cylindrical high-voltage ceramic capacitors, which have a good reputation in the domestic market!
ct8g cylindrical high-voltage ceramic capacitor is a high-voltage ceramic capacitor with ferroelectric ceramics and rare metal as medium. its structural feature is to use metal bolts to lead the head and cast with epoxy resin to increase the surface discharge voltage. the structure is similar to a cylinder. this type of high-voltage ceramic capacitor has the following performance characteristics: high operating voltage, large capacitance, rated dc operating voltage up to 50kv, and capacitance range from 470 to 20000pf. such capacitors are primarily used for bypassing, filtering or doubling in radar and other electrical and electronic equipment.
the ct81 wafer type ceramic capacitor is similar in structure to the low-voltage wafer type ceramic capacitor. the difference is that the wafer has a large diameter and a thick thickness, and the insulating edges between the two electrodes are wider. the diameter of the wafer is generally 8mm~35mm, the rated dc working voltage is generally 10kv~40kv, the capacitor capacity of high frequency characteristics ranges from 1~270pf, and the ambient temperature is -55~ 125°c. the low frequency characteristics of the ceramic capacitor range from 330 to 22000 pf, and the ambient temperature is -40 to 85 °c. the most widely used high voltage generator is the low frequency characteristic ct81 wafer type high voltage ceramic capacitor.
there are three main requirements for high-voltage generators for ceramic capacitors: satisfying withstand voltage, meeting capacity, and ensuring volume. at present, some unscrupulous manufacturers in china often directly mark 20kv rated voltage 30kv pulse voltage ceramic capacitors as 30kv rated voltage, which often leads to failure to meet customer requirements, resulting in the reputation of domestically produced goods. the standard rated voltage is often too large, which is why domestic high-voltage generator customers love foreign goods. the capacitance c of the capacitor is proportional to the dielectric constant ε and inversely proportional to the positive area. the distance d between the plates is inversely proportional to c = εs / 4πkd. the larger the distance d between the plates, the better the withstand voltage effect, but the smaller the capacity. therefore, when the volume and pressure requirements are to be guaranteed, the dielectric constant ε is the most critical factor. ε is related to materials. foreign technology is mature in this respect, so the products are made to meet the pressure and capacity requirements. often, the volume is relatively small.
after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, dongguan meizhi electronics co., ltd. adopts the latest rare metallized ferroelectric ceramic medium in china, and the volume has been continuously reduced under the premise of ensuring the technical parameters such as pressure resistance and capacity. the design life is 20 years. , to guarantee a service life of 10 years. in the competition with countries such as japan and europe, there is already an advantage. although the gap still exists, the huge cost advantage has been recognized by many customers!
dongguan meizhi electronics he pengfei (13549300303) welcome everyone to call to discuss!

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