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are you still using japanese tdk? a picture to mak-ag真人是什么

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it is often said that small japanese products are good, and often have insufficient confidence in excellent domestic products. more procurement departments prefer imports, and domestic products are rarely considered.
the following figure, the users are very familiar with, the first one is tdk's high-voltage ceramic capacitors, the second china's high-voltage ceramic capacitors.
due to the inconsistent thermal expansion coefficient of the material, the capacitance of the tdk used in the power supply of the laser equipment is cracked! can't work in harsh temperature environment for a long time!
let me talk about china meizhi high-voltage ceramic capacitors. rather than tdk's process technology, we use ultra-fine particles to suppress sintering. again, we take the copper-clad full electrode process.
the difference is that our high-voltage ceramic capacitors use high-frequency materials with a smaller dielectric constant, and we have tried and tested to adjust the thermal expansion coefficient of the resin to the ceramic sheet, which is completely feasible at -40 degrees! .
this high-voltage ceramic capacitor military is the most advanced material and process, with obvious advantages in performance and price. chinese military workers think it is ok, what are you worried about?

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