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why is your 10kv high voltage ceramic capacitor of-ag真人是什么

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why is your high-voltage ceramic capacitor not closed? why do you wear it with one blow? after all, the material is useless. because the high-voltage capacitor used in the ac circuit is different from the high-voltage capacitor in the dc circuit! the general power supply manufacturer, they say that 10kv high-voltage capacitors mostly refer to 10kv dc high-voltage ceramic capacitors. engineers of power grid peripheral products, they are used to saying that 10kv capacitors are actually 10kv ac high-voltage capacitors. they are not the same product.
the application of high-voltage capacitors is not as mysterious as everyone thinks. the design of high-voltage capacitors should be solved around two problems: first, in the application equipment, is the ac voltage or dc voltage? second, if it is dc current, it is high frequency. is the pulse still double voltage coupling or other application? if it is an ac voltage, it is necessary to know the working voltage, the temperature change rate requirement, and the partial discharge requirement.
the capacitors required by power supply manufacturers are generally dc capacitors. the most important thing they care about is the frequency. for example, there are 50kv5nf capacitors for customers. the frequency is not high, 400hz or 1000hz. so you think this is a low-demand product. i gave an ordinary y5t product to the guest. when it was installed, it was blown up. why? because people are not low-frequency applications at all. 400 or 1000 pulses per second, do you know? the general materials will not work! don't think y5t can use 50khz, it is not pulse frequency. laser weapon, electromagnetic weapon, belongs to pulse frequency. the general capacitor quality is really not good!
users of the power grid are often looking for 10kv capacitors, the frequency of communication is only 50hz, don't think that they have found a low-demand customer, in fact, they often have quite a lot of requirements not to tell you. imagine a customer with a 10kv5000pf capacitor. if you don't know whether it is ac voltage or dc voltage, you will sell a conventional dc high voltage capacitor to the customer. of course, there is a problem with the use. it will cause customers to misunderstand the product. it is considered to be the quality problem of high-voltage ceramic capacitors.
so, the first thing you need to figure out is that the guest is applying in ac or dc circuits!

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