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the customer is too embarrassed, how is it?-ag真人是什么

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guests are advised to consult a high voltage ceramic capacitor. she said: mr. he pengfei, i want a capacitor of 30kv2200pf, is there any? (yes! we are specializing in such high-voltage and ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitors.)
the guest said: how much? (what product are you using above?)
the guest said: how much is the power supply? (what is the rated working voltage? is it ac voltage or dc voltage?)
the guest is a little impatient: not to say it, 30kv, dc will do. (sorry, what is the working environment? for example, in the oil, in the inert gas or in the air. how high is the working environment temperature? how high is the operating frequency? how much is the pulse voltage? used to raise the voltage. still other features?)

the guest is obviously angry: ask me why? i am purchasing, not an engineer, just tell me the price! (sorry, 30kv2200pf high-voltage ceramic capacitors, we have more than three models according to different environments, each material is different, the price is not the same. so i want to know more, i recommend it to you!)

the guest is impatient, saying: then you will report the price of several models to me. (no, if you only choose expensive, or only choose cheap, the consequences of using the wrong product are very serious! otherwise, i fax a form, the above is just a few questions asked, let your engineering staff write ok?)

the guest said: it’s really troublesome. i don’t know so much now. i only want a price, can’t i give it? (ok, ok, i will give you the price!)

i admit that i was completely defeated by this stubborn purchase of as long as the price. had to give her a quote: miss, please take notes, the first, the largest size is made of n4700 material, diameter 27mm, the price is. . . the second type, the diameter of 24mm made of y5u material, is the price. . . the third, y5v material is made, the price is. . .

purchasing said: thank you!

i am embarrassed again: please tell me the phone of your engineer, i will come to him with the technical problems, in order to help you determine which material you want.

the purchase was relieved and said: you are looking for mr. x, his phone is. . . it’s right to look for him like this.

i can't help but get it up: mm you are too inky! it’s not a problem now, there will be problems with the delivery, you will find me. it’s okay for me to be a man’s face, but i’m thinking about it for you, so i won’t let you look for me in the future, so i hate to live.

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