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dongguan meizhi electronics co., ltd. was established in 2006. for more than ten years, it has been firmly in the field of capacitor development. it has been successfully transformed into a high-voltage capacitor industry benchmark enterprise by the low-voltage capacitor industry more than ten years ago.
after more than ten years of technical accumulation, meizhi capacitor has obtained a number of invention or utility model patents. developed a variety of new ceramic media such as rf, pc, gc, sf, fc, etc., which made up for the lack of functionality of traditional sintered ceramic capacitors and filled the gap in market application. american scientists have successfully developed pcc pulses, psc high-precision, cvd voltage dividers, cvt transformer capacitors and other high-end applications for military and power users.

amazing electronic voltage transformer

military high voltage pulse ceramic capacitor

with 18 years of technical accumulation, we have obtained a number of invention or utility model patents. including special zero partial discharge technology, multi-function transformer, multi-function coupling capacitor, multi-function embedded voltage sensor, high-power plate capacitor, special pulse high-voltage ceramic capacitor, miniaturized high-frequency high-voltage and other dozens of technical patents. the rich experience in capacitor research and development has made amazing gradually become a benchmark enterprise in china's high-voltage capacitor industry, and has become an important supplier of high-end applications for domestic electric power and military. the capacitors are exported to many countries around the world.

some cooperative customers: xu ji group, china guangdong nuclear power, harbin institute of technology, china academy of engineering physics, chinese academy of sciences observatory, dalian first transformer group

your idea, we achieve! amazing research team welcomes all units to discuss projects with us. we have a new material research and development team of 20 people. we believe that our team can help you realize the dream of strengthening the country through science and technology!

amaing is a domestic enterprise that develops and sells high-voltage ceramic capacitors and voltage transformers.

amaizng high voltage ceramic capacitors have the following characteristics:
1. high voltage, from 10kv to 180kv high-voltage ceramic capacitors have been developed
2. high-frequency, y5t material of amazing capacitor can be used in the circuit within 200khz, the high-frequency characteristics of the n4700 material exceeds 1kkhz, and the sl material can be used in the 6ghz occasion
3. large capacity, and the high-voltage doorknob cylinder capacitor 30kv203m, 40kv153m have been developed
4. good reliability

currently, amazing capacitor solve a large number of industry solution: smart grid, medical power, non-destructive testing, welding equipment, inverter power, communication base stations, they all use high-quality capacitor provided by amazing company. we take the product direction of "higher voltage, higher frequency, higher capacity" and continue to improve the quality of our products in material research and development, process improvement, equipment upgrade. we strive to build a well-known capacitor brand "amazing"!

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